Since 2019 Fission has invented, shared, and stewarded open source protocols for identity, data, and compute. You will be already be familiar with our flagship protocols: User Controlled Authorization Networks (UCAN), Webnative File System (WNFS), and the InterPlanetary Virtual Machine (IPVM).

In late 2023, building on top of these protocols, Fission announced our edge compute platform: the Everywhere Computer.

Everywhere Computer is a distributed compute network that lets you write complex code that runs everywhere: your local machine, proprietary hyper-clouds, client browsers, and everything in between. You can compose small, powerful Wasm functions into complex workflow logic, and execute them reliably at scale.

This is a culmination of the mission at the core of Fission: to unlock new capabilities giving users better ways to achieve their goals of connection, creativity, and collaboration. Fission continues its work to turn complex computing concepts into delightful developer experiences so modern app creators can bring the power of distributed computing to their users in a secure, agentic, and interoperable manner.

2024 is an exciting year for Fission as we focus on bringing novel capabilities to the hands of app developers, function writers, and compute providers. This year Fission will continue our strong community involvement, pushing forward the development of key protocols UCAN and WNFS. Both are already used in a number of different products but we are always looking to partner with new organizations and grow adoption.

Join our community by chatting in the Fission Discord, attending a community call or one of our virtual or in person events and of course sign up for the early access beta of

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2023 Lookback List

No New Year's kick off can be complete without highlights! Below is a list of notable releases, experiments, events, and friends we met along the way for 2023:

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🧪 Experimentation

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