Thank you so much to everyone who attended IPFS Connect Istanbul! As lead community organizers, we were thrilled that 200 builders could connect and collaborate with experts in the IPFS community and attend over 30 talks, workshops, and presentations.

Let's get started by watching this short recap video of the whole one day event:

We hope that gave you a little taste of what it was like and get you excited for the next IPFS Connect event!

IPFS Community Governance with Robin Berjon
IPVM Everywhere Computer Workshop: Running WebAssembly Workflows with IPFS with the Fission Team
Working IPFS Systems in the Wild with Hannah Howard

We absolutely love the official IPFS Connect Istanbul poster created by artist İlker Türe.

If you couldn't make it to Istanbul or want to rewatch some amazing presentations, we've compiled them all in a YouTube playlist.

IPFS Connect Istanbul was the first regional IPFS community event - but it won't be the last! We'd love for you to join the community of event organizers in the IPFS Discord #ipfsconnect channel so you can start planning an event in your city or region.