Feb 01, 2019

FISSION Stickers on Wood

We’re going to be using the FISSION brand for all of the public-facing work we do. FISSION components, from standards to code, are designed to work together and build on each other.

  • This morning we’re hosting an ETH1x Roadmap AMA with Alexey Akhunov, Martin Holst Swende, and more. All the details on EthMagicians forum. Feb 6th, 2019 
  • The FISSION Solidity and JavaScript libraries have hit v1.0.0-RC1 🎉🎉🎉 Check out the Github repo. Jan 26th, 2019 
  • Post the Stanford CoreDevs meeting, we’re helping to host an ETH1x Roadmap AMA on Feb 6th, 8am PST, 1700 UTC+1. Register on the Zoom page. Jan 25th, 2019 
  • Megan did a great job of explaining treasury management & crypto accounting on today’s community call. Notes are on EthMagicians, and you can watch the video recording. Jan 24th, 2019 
  • Boris did an initial pull request to revamp the Ethereum Classic ECIP repo into a Jekyll site. Jan 15th, 2019 
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