EVM Evolution Roadmap & RUN EVM

Mar 08, 2019

We’re pleased to make two announcements related to our work on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Brooke has written up our plan to work on improving the EVM in convenient Medium blog format:

The EVM is critical infrastructure, and will be for some time. ewasm is still a ways off from being Ethereum’s execution engine, and the EVM is used in more places than Ethereum mainnet. We should invest in improving the EVM ahead of ewasm, while making the transition to ewasm smoother.

EVM Evolution Roadmap: Towards a More Aggressive Ethereum Execution Engine

Secondly, we are announcing RUN EVM: OPCODE 1, a one-day conference in Berlin, April 16th, 2019. The EVM is used beyond the Ethereum main-net in a number of contexts, such as private & side chains, and is only seeing more adoption in areas like Trusted Computing. Registration will open later this week, sign up on the site if you want to speak and/or sponsor.

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