App & website hosting with user-controlled data

We’ve built a web native file system that combines files, encryption, and identity, like an open source iCloud.

As a developer, use it to host your apps, your users' files, and build using only client-side browser tech.

Fission for Developers

Build apps that include passwordless login, end-to-end encryption, and offline support, without having to learn complicated DevOps techniques.

Let your app users own their data, with more scale and less cost to you.

Download our CLI and deploy apps instantly.

Install the CLI

Fission Drive

Everyone creating a Fission Account gets access to Drive. Your files, available everywhere, even offline.

Private files are encrypted end-to-end. Easily publish and share public files.

Add an app, give permission to what files it can access, just like you're used to on mobile.

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