WNFS: Webnative File System


The Webnative File System (WNFS) is a distributed file system built on IPFS. It is versioned, logged, programmable, encrypted, and fully controlled by the end user.

Developers are used to running a server to hold user data when publishing an app online. During the prototyping process, dummy data is often stored in the browser. We realized that if we made the browser capable of running production data, it would ensure the data was local-first and private (because the data would never have to leave the device itself).

All files are encrypted-at-rest, and we give users granular access control to ensure they only share what they want.

WNFS offers concurrent writes and offline access using cryptrees, and ensures eventual consistent using CRDTs.

User-Owned Data


Here are all the other parts of the Fission ecosystem connects to it.

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