We won't get to the future alone

Fission sees a world where:

👤  People control their digital lives.
🖥  Edge computing is part of critical infrastructure.
🎉  Open source is celebrated and well-funded.
🛠  Protocols replace platforms as the foundation of software development.
🏠  Local-first software is the norm.
🔁  Exit from one application to another is seamless.

We aim to make this vision a reality. But the technology that enables it is a complex ecosystem, requiring care and cultivation to thrive.

Our work exists in that ecosystem. In some places, we lead; in others, we support.

Here's your map to the Fission ecosystem:

Our Core Projects

These are the projects under our sole stewardship.

Fission-Led Efforts

These are projects we’ve initiated and continue to lead, but that involve many external partners.

Places We Contribute

We’re also deeply engaged in other standards groups, networks & events.

Collaborators & Adopters

Some of the brightest like minds we’ve encountered along the way

Proudly Supported By

Artichoke Capital Lanebury Growth Capital
...and more supporters on Open Collective

Projects We Fund

We support projects that help make our vision a reality

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