RhizomeDB employs our PomoDB protocol to execute a local-first edge database for querying decentralized data. It extends support for concurrent access to structured and unstructured data distributed in content-addressable networks and enables the creation of decentralized, collaborative applications.

RhizomeDB is built from the ground up for interoperability between applications, focusing on real-time collaboration. Another way to look at is that RhizomeDB is a CRDT framework built on top of well-understood database tech.

As far as we know, RhizomeDB is the first system to combine encryption, CRDTs, and local-first database functionality. For developers, RhizomeDB means they no longer need to worry about consistency, synchronization, and data privacy when building apps with decentralized data.

User-Owned Data


Here are all the other parts of the Fission ecosystem connects to it.

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