We’re going to be using the FISSION brand for all of the public-facing work we do. FISSION components, from standards to code, are designed to work together and build on each other.

We’ve had a ton of great conversations with people building open source and decentralized web code around the world. There is so much left to build and improve, from low-level virtual machines, to making sure that end users can use their native language.

We do a ton of community work that we really enjoy and will continue to try and add value to all of the ecosystems we’re part of.

For FISSION, we’re building out connected components: smart contracts, command line tools, IPFS, and many other Web3 elements need to just work. FISSION will be opinionated, and provide answers to the questions that developers have every day about which pieces of a modern decentralized web stack work together.

Check out our brand page for all of our FISSION elements, and let us know if you want stickers!