• The June Distributed Systems Reading Group met this week to discuss A Taxonomy of Job Scheduling on Distributed Computing Systems by Lopes and Menasce. Watch the call recording, join the Fission Discord, and visit the #dsys-reading-group channel to continue the conversation.
  • Fission is delighted to participate in this year's HackFS in collaboration with Protocol Labs and ETHGlobal. We can't wait to see what folks build with ODD SDK👀!
  • Are you heading to DWeb Camp? We're leading an ODD SDK👀 workshop to demonstrate how to store public and end-to-end encrypted data on IPFS from a web app.

​New On The Blog

CoD Summit 2023: IPVM for an Open-World

In her CoD Summit 2023 presentation, Fission co-founder and CTO Brooklyn Zelenka discusses the need for location-independent compute and how content addressing and open protocols make it possible.

CoD Summit 2023: Foundations for Open-World Compute

At Fission, we're building a virtual machine that seeks to make open-world compute possible with decentralized computation workflows.

Thank you, and we'll be back next week with more exciting updates!

-The Fission Team