Many of you have been part of our Luma events community for many years. Thank you for your support! Read on for some 2024 updates, and details on different options. If you no longer want to get event emails from Fission, feel free to unsubscribe from the Luma calendar »

Luma Calendar Updates

We just consolidated our different calendars into one convenient place in preparation for Luma’s newest features. Visit for all of our events, both virtual, in person, and selected friends of Fission events that we're attending, speaking at, or want to highlight as a great event to take part in.

Causal Islands in Los Angeles?

This year Causal Islands is going to feature mostly community-driven, smaller events. We are considering a one day event in Los Angeles, California in the third week of March, while Boris and Brooklyn are in town.

If you’d like to attend, speak, sponsor or any other feedback, please fill out the "save the date" event »

Everywhere Computer

In case you haven’t heard, Fission revealed the Everywhere Computer  in Istanbul last November. We ran a number of events in Istanbul such as IPFS Connect and launched Everywhere Computer with an in-person workshop.

We’re onboarding to Everywhere Computer now and have a handful of intro and overview sessions planned virtually if you’d like to join, with the next one happening as a virtual intro session on January 25th »

Add your events to the Calendar

We’ve got a handful of external events on the calendar that we think are interesting. We may be speaking or attending, and we also like to share events that we think are worth your attention.

Please do submit events of your own you’d like to share. Just click on the + SUBMIT EVENT button at the top of the Events list.

Got suggestions for side events or smaller meetups alongside bigger events? We'd love to hear about events we should attend, and would love to do hands on workshops, group discussions, or talks if there are events you think would be a fit for the Fission team. Let us know!