Berlin Blockchain Week was packed with thought-provoking and inspiring presentations at various events and conferences. The Berlin blockchain community is electric and we walked away completely inspired. We also made lots of amazing new friends. Here's a recap of some of the events we attended.

Beer Tasting at BRLO. Photo credit: Boris Mann


At Dappcon we engaged in lively conversations about Ethereum Core Development and Universal Basic Income (UBI) projects.

We also demoed the newest feature of Fission's Webnative SDK, WalletAuth, and it was great to gather feedback from other developers.

Boris at Dappcon wearing a RUN EVM t-shirt. Photo credit: Jeff Griffiths
Julien @julien51 from Unlock Protocol presenting at Dappcon. Photo Credit: Boris Mann


At Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance meetup (CASA) we joined a variety of discussions on Chain Agnostic Improvement Proposals (CAIPs). It was great to see people from multiple wallet clients and chains participating, including the FIL ecosystem representing.

We're going to be following up on submitting a CAIP for an updated encrypt / decrypt proposal. MetaMask and Brave are both interested in participating, please follow the issue as we hold more working group sessions.

Erik @rekmarks from MetaMask goes live through CAIP25 feedback
Head to head demos of WalletAuth and Disco, with Fission & Disco teams

Merkle Root Berlin Event

Ryan Betts @depatchedmode, Head of Design at Fission, attended Merkle Root at ETHBerlin: an art exhibition and an exploration of Berlin’s rich history of blockchain art.

Here's Ryan's recap:

"This was an amazing exhibition, panel discussion and roundtable conversation about how a bunch of cultural and technological actors in Berlin have cross-pollinated ideas over the past decade (and longer). The goal was to create a community-owned timeline of these events. It would be great to see many more communities engage in this same exercise of documenting their own history.

The conversations also really highlighted how when novel tech is digested into the real world through crazy experiments, it can really help inform what’s useful and ready versus what still needs to change. The gap between artistic practice and maintaining open source software is smaller than you might think."
Blockchain Artwork @ Merkle Root, ETHBerlin

FIL Accounts and Full Node

We booked some space for the day at Full Node, and also ended up running a FIL Accounts Working Group UX Jam.

Full Node is a fantastic web3 centric co-working space that we've spent a lot of time in over the years.

Fission team Jeff, Philipp, Andy @ Full Node

Fission & Friends Poutine Social

We loved seeing several of our friends (and meeting new ones!) at our poutine social. A big thank you to everyone who came out and to Poutine Kitchen for having us.

A taste of Canada at Poutine Kitchen. Photo credit: Jeff Griffiths.

Berlin Snapshots

It was fantastic to be spending time in Berlin again. It's a wonderful cross-disciplinary mix of people, culture, spaces, and experiences who embody the independent spirit of web3.

Here are a few other fun images from our time in Berlin. We can't wait to visit again.

David @feathersjs scanning his DNA at c-base
Gregor @jssr presents at Swarm Meetup @ C-Base
Like @dietrich is an alien, scanning @ C-Base
The sticker door @ EF Berlin Offices. Has RUNEVM, and WalletAuth got added this time. Thanks @ligi
Elias from @b9lab in the ETHBerlin Elevator - inspirational hacker quotes!