Wally the WalletAuth Mascot - a red wallet with a face and arms and legs and "yes we can" fist.

WalletAuth is a new feature of Fission's Webnative SDK that allows developers to have their users connect to a Webnative-enabled app using a blockchain wallet.

Add WalletAuth to your app, and every one of your users gets a personal encrypted file system that they can access anywhere they have their blockchain wallet keys.

  • users can connect to an app using an existing blockchain wallet (for example the popular MetaMask  browser extension)
  • when users connect to an app, they can access on-chain data as usual but can also access Webnative's encrypted off-chain data storage features.
  • under the hood, Webnative creates a Decentralized Identifier (DID) based on the key, formatted as did:key

Your app can request permission to read and write public or private data to a user's file system, giving app developers a decentralized way to store user data – without centralizing it. This is perfect for off-chain data that is either large (e.g. files and images), or especially sensitive (e.g. a user address book). Read more about the WNFS file system »

Currently WalletAuth supports the Metamask browser extension wallet, and we plan to roll out support for other Ethereum mainnet and Ethereum sidechain wallets including WalletConnect and Filecoin (FIL) Wallet.

Try a demo app: https://walletauth.fission.app/

Check out the demo app code: https://github.com/webnative-examples/walletauth

Filecoin and Cosmos are the next two chains on our list, and we're happy to support your favourite chain – let us know by joining the #WalletAuth channel in our Discord chat »