Interested in working on edge computing, identity, and storage? Come work with us!

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Get to know us

If you are interested in working at Fission, the first thing you should do is join the Discord and Discourse. Check out the Reading List to understand how the humans at Fission think about the world, software, and interacting with other humans. Look through our repos on Github.

To crib a phrase from another global internet concern: communication is "the oxygen of a distributed company."

We spend most of our day conversing in Discord and documenting on Discourse. The boundary between Fission "the company" and Fission "the community" can get a little blurry. This is a wonderful thing since it means we are close to the developers that use our tools, and contributes to our deep culture of open-source and working in the open. Here you can interact with our team, our contributors, our users, and the wider distributed web community.


Fission builds decentralized web technology, and we "walk the talk" by running a fully distributed company. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we have team members in many different timezones — and are looking to expand our coverage! For "international" hires we use the platform Deel which allows us to extend our reach to 150+ countries, hiring employees in a compliant manner and providing local benefits such as extended health care.


We are growing our team with fulltime employees but that might not fit your work-style or current needs. Maybe you are a great engineer working on your own project, but are interested in working with Fission on a contract or part-time basis? Please reach out and lets discuss how we can integrate you.


Our team is working on some radical new approaches to how the internet should work for the benefit of all. We need a team of unorthodox thinkers, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, for creative ideation and decision making. We strive to be an inclusive, fair, and equitable work environment. We want you to be you, but also be part of the team.

NOTE: Research shows there is a disparity in who will apply for a job after reading the criteria. Men will apply when they meet an average of 60% of the job criteria, while women and other marginalized people generally only apply when they meet all the criteria! If you think you have skills that could better our team, but don’t feel like you check every box, we encourage you reach out anyways! Pop into our Discord and ask anything in our #working-at-fission-questions channel.

How we hire

Fission’s hiring process is slightly different for each kind of role, but generally you can expect:

  1. A review of submitted resume, cover letter, GitHub, etc
  2. A short introductory call to confirm some basic details
  3. A round-robin set of interviews with the hiring manager and senior team

Depending on the role, the next step might be a small project. This could be something accomplished in a few days or weeks, and is paid. This step is a good way for us to assess one another, and see if we could flourish together.


Depending on your country, benefits can slightly differ, but here is a list of the main ones to give you an idea:

  • We encourage participating in conferences, meetups, and seminars. We are constantly acquiring new skills, and want you to, as well!
  • We work with team mates around the world and arrange for healthcare coverage for everyone. For our US team, we cover benefits for you and your whole family.
  • Everyone gets a USD$3000 Home Office Setup Allowance
  • When not in the middle of a global pandemic, we bring the team together a few times a year for in-person collaboration.

Sound interesting? Then get in touch and come work with us!