We held our first community meeting about interest in building out the distributed database capabilities of the Web Native File System (WNFS).

Here is the video from the January 7th, 2021 meeting:

James posted notes from the kickoff:

  • As we had predicted, the group was a mix of people who are interested in using WNDB as app developers (who have feature and API design interests) and those interested in the protocol / “plumbing” of WNDB
  • There were not a lot of strong feelings about the nature of the API - rather, WNDB needs features and documentation on how to implement them
  • There is a lot of interest / consensus around our initial event source-based design ideas. Brooklyn highlighted datomic and datascript.
  • A lot of good (early) discussion around schema management: developers should be able to define them (but also share and re-use), they should be applied as “views”, and lots of interest in project cambria

We've got a new Webnative DB category in the forum that you can subscribe to and follow along, as well as join the Fission Discord chat.