Learn how to build edge apps efficiently and securely using Webnative App Template.

Building Edge Apps is Difficult and Time-Consuming

Have you ever built an edge app and found yourself disappointed by the in-browser authentication experience? The Web Crypto API is great for enabling web applications to perform operations such as signature generation and verification and encryption and decryption without requiring access to the user's keys, but it can also be a minefield if not implemented absolutely correctly. Even the developer docs include a large warning message advising developers to have a cryptographic security expert throughly review their work before launching, because it can be so tricky to get right.

Privacy is becoming increasingly important to users and developers, but building an app with user data that is encrypted at rest is very difficult and time-consuming. Decentralized apps have to solve for access control, sync file data between devices, and ensure user ownership and portability of data. This is a lot to set up before even getting to the features of the app itself!

Webnative App Template

Acknowledging these roadblocks, Fission built the Webnative App Template, or WAT, to empower developers to build edge apps in the browser without building all of the infrastructure from scratch.

We launched WAT with built-in passwordless login and device-linking (which uses UCANs for authentication), powered by the Web Crypto API. We also included encrypted IPFS storage (by integrating WNFS). Identity & data, owned by your app users!

But we didn't stop there. We also made app customization much more streamlined by including an image gallery app demo in the template. All you have to do is sub in your app's features, adjust the look and feel, and you're on your way!

Take a look at this speed run that Applied Researcher Jess Martin did during a recent demo day, where he builds a decentralized flickr clone in under 10 minutes!

Command Line Generator

Alternatively, if you would prefer to access WAT via your terminal, you can use our CLI generator to spin up either the React or Svelte versions of WAT or WalletAuth by running npx create-webnative-app in the command line.

Next Steps

This is our first release of the Webnative Application Template. We are actively working on a recovery kit and WebAuthn/Passkey support.

Check the milestones for open issues, and please suggest your own as you start building.

We've spent time working on the UX flows and components as a starting point for developers to build secure and usable apps for users, but it's just a starting point. It should work well on desktop and mobile web out of the box, so you can hit the ground running.

Start building edge apps with Webnative App Template today, and mention us on Twitter (@FissionCodes) so we can cheer you on as you build.