FISSION recently organized the first event of a series focused on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), titled RUN EVM: Opcode 1. There was a wide range of topics represented, including sidechains, enterprise usage, and trusted computing, as well as many discussions on how to improve and extend the EVM.

There was broad interest in collaborating on further specification and improvements around the EVM and the "EVM Stack" of smart contract languages and tooling. The first step in this is the proposal of a W3C Community Group focused on the EVM - please join us there to continue the discussion.

Thank you from the entire FISSION team for your support and interest! If you are interested in participating in future events please sign up on the RUN EVM website.


Brooke next to our awesome sponsors

There were a number of sponsors that helped to make RUNEVM Opcode 1 possible, including:

And our community supporters: POA Network, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Department of Decentralization, and Full Node.

Speakers and Presentations

Thank you to all of the speakers for their excellent presentations, and for sharing them: