This week, we spotlighted a new company in our Projects We Love series and hosted an IPVM Community Call.

If you could not make it to IPFS Connect Istanbul, we have great news! The recorded presentations are now available on the Fission YouTube channel.

Upcoming Events

Fission Tech Talks: Fireproof Overview

We are delighted to welcome special guest J Chris Anderson, who will give us an overview of Fireproof.

​Fireproof uses immutable data and distributed protocols to offer a new kind of database that:

  • ​can be embedded in any page or app with a flexible data ownership model
  • ​can be hosted on any cloud
  • ​uses cryptographically verifiable protocols

​J Chris Anderson will share how CIDs let Fireproof run anywhere and how UCAN makes data ownership models super flexible.

Tues, December 5th, 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST

IPVM Community Call

​IPVM, or the InterPlanetary Virtual Machine, aims to be the easiest, fastest, most secure, and open way to run WebAssembly functions anywhere.

Using content-addressed data, public key infrastructure (PKI), and capabilities, IPVM liberates computation from its dependence on pre-negotiated services and paves the way for interoperability.

Learn more about our progress building Homestar, the first implementation of IPVM.

Tues, Dec 19th at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST

UCAN Community Call

User-Controlled Authorization Networks (UCANs) are an extension of the popular JSON Web Token format specifically designed to enable ways of authorizing offline-first apps and distributed systems.

At a high level, UCANs are a way of doing authorization (“what you can do”) where users are fully in control. There’s no all-powerful authorization server or server of any kind required. Everything a user can do is captured directly in a key or token and can be sent to anyone who knows how to interpret this format.

Join us as we work towards the release of v1.0.

Wed, Dec 20th at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST

New On The Blog

Projects We Love: ZKorum

ZKorum is a progressive web app that employs zero-knowledge proofs to protect user privacy and power a social site that runs verifiably and anonymously while empowering users to express their opinions.

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