What a month! We attended IPFS Thing 2023, shared important updates on IPVM and Rhizome, and held our first-ever conference, Causal Islands.


  • Fission has a new website! We've updated the website to better reflect our current projects and our active participation in the decentralized web ecosystem.
  • Webnative is now ODD. The name change reflects our broad vision and platform-agnostic approach to our developer tooling.
  • Fission gave nine(!) talks at IPFS Thing 2023 in Brussels. We presented a demo of Homestar, our implementation of IPVM, and shared Fission's Starmap. We also open-sourced our local-first edge database, RhizomeDB. Keep an eye on the blog for a full recap.
  • We made an adventure game! Fissioneer Brian created UCAN Adventure, a fun and educational text-based adventure game that teaches players how UCANs work! Give it a try - you never know what surprises may await 😉!

​The First-Ever Causal Islands Conference Was a Success!

We had a fantastic time throwing our first-ever conference - Causal Islands. Some common themes that emerged during the conference were how power is distributed in the systems we work in and create and how engineers can build solutions that prioritize user agency and self-expression.

We'll have a full recap post on the blog soon, complete with videos of individual talks. In the meantime, please enjoy the collected live streams.

​New On The Blog

Introducing ODD SDK – Fission
Webnative is now ODD.
New Fission Website + Brand Refresh – Fission
Fission has grown from a scrappy startup to a fully-fledged protocol research and development company, and we have a new and improved website and refreshed brand to match.
Starmap: Roadmapping for Networked Organizations – Fission
Fission is roadmapping in public with Starmap, a tool for cross-team planning.
Building a Progressive File System with ODD SDK – Fission
Learn how we set out to build a plugin for musicians and ended up creating a progressive file system that grows with the user’s needs.
RhizomeDB Q1 2023 Update: Querying Decentralized Data – Fission
Learn how Fission is making it possible to query decentralized data with RhizomeDB.
IPVM Q1 2023 Update: The Quest to Bring Computation to IPFS – Fission
We’re making progress on IPVM! Learn more about our project to bring open and decentralized compute to IPFS.

Thank you, and we'll be back next week with more exciting updates!

-The Fission Team