A simple idea born out of the Diffusion Hackathon in Berlin has become a reality. As well as helping to ship our Fission Live service, I spent some hack time putting together a Visual Studio Code Extension.

Now you can put a whole project (or folder, or just a single file) live to the internet directly from your favourite editor:

⚑️Live from your laptop, instantly, around the world 

How can I get this sweet, sweet extension?

Glad you asked, it's all too simple really.

  1. First you install the Fission CLI
  2. Then you install the Fission VSCode extension
  3. Next open your command palate (cmd + shift + p) and look for Fission Register

Now you’re all set to run Fission Up and Fission Watch to put any file or folder live to the internet under your brand spanking new Fission subdomain. WOW!

How does this whole thing work?

At Fission, we're building developer tools to make it easy to build and deploy serverless apps directly from your desktop. Our first service uses the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a p2p file system, so that files stream directly from your computer. Meaning that the data isn't hosted solely by us but is instead replicated around the world – including directly from your own computer.

Have other ideas for the Fission VSCode extension? Head on over to the app gallery to post your feature ideas and feedback.