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Upcoming Events

Programming languages are usually written with the Latin alphabet and in English. But what if you don't speak English or don't use the Latin alphabet in your language? What if you have ideas that can't properly be expressed the way the language is designed?

Join us for Episode 3 of the Causal Islands Podcast as we welcome computational media artist and indigenous computing theory scholar Jon Corbett and computer scientist, media artist, and game designer Ramsey Nasser as they share alternative languages they've created.

September 13th at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

TrainJam: A celebration of local-first software, DWeb, software builders, and trains!

​Take a train from Seattle to St. Louis to celebrate the last Strange Loop. Jam on software projects, share what you're working on, meet new people, and see the sights of the Empire Builder line. ​

Brought to you by the Gradient Retreat and Causal Islands.

September 18th-21st

Note: This event is sold out.

Local-First Software Unconference: On Saturday, September 23, 2023, immediately following the Strange Loop conference, we are holding an unconference-style community event for everybody interested in local-first software in St. Louis, MO.

​We particularly want to bring together people actively working on local-first projects — building frameworks or tools, developing local-first apps, or doing research in the area. But we also welcome curious people who want to learn more about the topic.

​Thank you to Ink & Switch and DXOS for sponsoring the event with us.

September 23rd at 10 AM

Note: We hit our initial maximum. We will look at making more spaces available and have a waitlist soon.

​New On The Blog

The Evolution of Local-First Software: Empowering Users in a Connected World

The Local-First Software Movement seeks to empower users by providing them with the benefits of collaboration and connectivity while preserving privacy, security, and data autonomy. Today, we'll dive into the history of the LoFi movement, notable local-first projects, and how to get started.

From the Discord

These are the most popular links shared on our Discord.

  • This Business Insider article examines the migration from social media to private chat groups and micro-communities.
  • This talk about "glue work," also known as "keeping everything running smoothly and in the right direction," explains how to allocate this type of work deliberately so it doesn't relegate technical folks to non-technical roles they don't wish to be in.

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