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Upcoming Events


Celebrating local-first software, DWeb, software builders, and trains!

​Take a train from Seattle to St. Louis to celebrate the last Strange Loop. Jam on software projects, share what you're working on, meet new people, and see the sights of the Empire Builder line. ​

Brought to you by the Gradient Retreat and Causal Islands.

September 18th-21st

Note: This event is sold out.

Local-First Software Unconference

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, immediately following the Strange Loop conference, we are holding an unconference-style community event for everybody interested in local-first software in St. Louis, MO.

​We want to bring together people actively working on local-first projects — building frameworks or tools, developing local-first apps, or researching the area. But we also welcome curious people who want to learn more about the topic.

​Thank you to Ink & Switch and DXOS for sponsoring the event with us.

September 23rd at 10 AM

Note: This event is sold out.

Secure/Design Community Call

​The Secure / Design community aims to establish:
1. A set of principles to guide secure design practices
2. Heuristics to evaluate whether those principles are being upheld
3. UX patterns and best practices to make upholding the principles a bit easier for the protocols, platforms, and products that folks rely upon every day.

Current focus: improving authorization and signing flows.

September 26th at 8 AM PDT / 11 AM EDT

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IPVM Community Call

​The IPVM is an effort to add content-addressed computation to IPFS. This requires specifying calling conventions, distributed scheduling, session receipts, mobile computing, and auto-upgradable IPFS internals.

​This community call is open to all but is focused on implementers, following the IETF's rough "consensus and running code" ethos.

September 27th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

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UCAN Community Call

​​The UCAN Community Call is a monthly recurring time for library implementers, spec maintainers, and users to coordinate, share learnings, and ask questions.

September 28th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

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​New On The Blog

EP03 - Alternatives to Modern Programming Languages with Ramsey Nasser and Jon Corbett

For episode 3 of the Causal Islands Podcast, we are joined by special guests Ramsey Nasser and Jon Corbett to discuss their work creating Arabic and Cree programming languages and what they learned in the process.

Announcing İlker Türe as IPFS Connect Istanbul Poster Artist

This talented Turkish artist is designing a beautiful poster for IPFS Connect Istanbul.

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