UCANs were mentioned in the 2023 AT Protocol Roadmap regarding support for verifiable inter-service requests.

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Upcoming Events

Fission Tech Talk: Source Network Overview

​In the tradition of Fission Tech Talks, we're hosting John, CTO of Source Labs, with an overview of Source Network.

​John will talk about the different components of the Source Network, including DefraDB, a p2p database, how Source uses IPFS, and some ideas and plans about interop with UCAN.

​This will be an overview presentation with time for questions and discussion with attendees.

Wed Oct 18th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

End-Prgorammer Programming with Steve Krouse

EP04: End-Programmer Programming with Steve Krouse of Val Town ​

We need to start with end-programmer programming to achieve end-user programming where users can spin up personalized apps without knowing how to code. With end-programmer programming, software engineers can build folk applications, integrations, and mini-apps to customize their experience interacting with third-party software. ​

In this episode, learn how Steve Krouse created Val Town to help programmers achieve this.

Wed Oct 18th at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

IPVM Community Call

​IPVM, or the InterPlanetary Virtual Machine, aims to be the easiest, fastest, most secure, and open way to run WebAssembly functions anywhere.

Using content-addressed data, public key infrastructure (PKI), and capabilities, IPVM liberates computation from its dependence on pre-negotiated services and paves the way for interoperability.

Learn more about our progress building Homestar, the first implementation of IPVM.

Tues Oct 24th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

UCAN Community Call

User Controlled Authorization Networks (UCANs) are an extension of the popular JSON Web Token format specifically designed to enable ways of authorizing offline-first apps and distributed systems.

At a high level, UCANs are a way of doing authorization (“what you can do”) where users are fully in control. There’s no all-powerful authorization server or server of any kind required. Everything that a user is allowed to do is captured directly in a key or token and can be sent to anyone who knows how to interpret this format.

Join us as we work towards the release of v1.0.

Thurs Oct 26th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT

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Building an Awesome IPFS Community with Daniel Norman

Learn how IPFS Developer Advocate Daniel Norman approaches building an engaged community around the IPFS ecosystem.

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