It's Friday Saturday, so we thought we'd share some updates since you haven't heard from us in a while!

Causal Islands Los Angeles, March 23

This year, Causal Islands is going to be more bottoms up, community oriented. We're organizing a small regional one day event in LA: Saturday, March 23 at the Monk Space in Los Angeles. We've got a handful of great speakers confirmed that we'll share next week, as well as some demos, hacking, and unconference-style group discussions. So many great people in LA, and some friends flying in too!

To get a sense of the vibe at Causal Islands, take a look at the program from last year's flagship event in Toronto. All the the talks are available on YouTube.

Everywhere Computer Regular Demos

Everywhere Computer Logo with tagline: Edge Compute That Runs Everywhere

Fission announced the Everywhere Computer last November and progress has been moving at a fast pace. Throughout January and February Fission CEO Boris Mann and other Fission team members demonstrated new features on community calls. Each call is published on YouTube for your convenience.

Keep an eye on the Fission Events Calendar for future update calls. Learn more about the Everywhere Computer and join the beta at

Causal Islands Podcast EP05: Subconscious - Building a Second Brain

Title card for podcast Subconscious - Building a Second Brain

Since last year's event in Toronto, Causal Islands has continued the conversation about the future of computing in the form of a podcast. The latest episode was released a few weeks ago: EP05: Subconscious - Building a Second Brain. In this episode of the Causal Islands Podcast we chat with special guests Gordon Brander and Chris Joel, co-founders of Subconscious, a tool for thought built on top of Noosphere, a protocol for ideas.

Fission Tech Talks: Bluesky and PLC

Bluesky logo

Bryan Newbold, protocol engineer for Bluesky, joined us for an in depth technical discussion on DID PLC, the self-authenticating decentralized identifier key to account portability on the Bluesky social network.

ETHDenver Highlights

Fission CEO Boris Mann and Head of Design Ryan Betts were on the ground in Denver. Lots of great discussion with potential partners and customers, and energizing talks with folks working on decentralized compute, DeSci, knowledge graphs, and more.

We hosted one event: IPFS Mainnet, a call for the IPFS community to support the core maintainers of Kubo, Helia, libp2p implementations, and more. And, to really think about what a commons network like IPFS should be connected.

We wrote a blog post about how Everywhere Computer will connect to IPFS Mainnet by default, adding content addressed computation. Check the slides and follow up notes from the event in the IPFS Community Forum.

IPFS logo superimposed on Denver cityscape with text: IPFS Mainnet Gathering the Commons

From the Discord

These are the most popular links shared on our Discord.

  • Use a local llama2 for a Natural Language Shell - Link →
  • What does the cloud look like? Visualizing with colony graphs - Link →
  • Paying maintainers is good - Link →

Thank you, and we'll be back soon with more updates.

— The Fission Team