• Next week we're hosting three community calls! First on Tuesday is the Secure/Design Community Call, which will focus on reviewing and providing feedback on permissions & authorization UX prototypes. Immediately following is the monthly IPVM Community Call. Finally, on Thursday, the UCAN Community Call will take place.
  • Are you heading to DWeb Camp? We're leading an ODD SDK 👀 workshop to demonstrate how to store public and end-to-end encrypted data on IPFS from a web app and a Secure/Design workshop on permissions. We hope you can join us!

​New On The Blog

Block, Paper, Scissors and the SLW RK'D: Innovating Through Play

We built an EVM-based game that tests the limits of blockchain development and user experience.

Benefits of Local-First Web App Development

We dive into how local-first apps provide a better user experience while increasing resiliency and responsiveness and improving security.

Thank you, and we'll be back next week with more exciting updates!

-The Fission Team