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That elusive phrase work-life balance is brought to our attention by @Bosefina pointing at @tranhelen's article:

Also posted to the Talk forum

ProtoSchool has a great set of interactive tutorials that currently cover a number of IPFS topics:

ProtoSchool is a cool global initiative that has locally run chapters to help people learn decentralized web tech.

We're running an illustration bounty that's asking for a bear & a penguin  – we've got some great submissions so far and can't wait to tell you about the open source related event in Berlin that we're making it for.

Too much tech or web scale tech day one? It started with Vicki Boykis and her post You Don't Need Kafka. Can you afford to deploy something like this as a small company, dedicating an entire devops engineer to the care and feeding of big tech? The counterpoint twitter thread from @jaykreps is good reading – if you can get something "as a service", you can use "big" tech from day one:

Finally, we are just in the process of onboarding our first alpha testers of our Heroku IPFS API add on. Let us know if you want to give it a try!

Cover image by NOAA