We're celebrating the FVM launch, bringing design-minded folks together with a talk and a meetup, and connecting with brilliant leaders in the Web3 and DWeb communities.

Filecoin Virtual Machine Hacker Base - Feb 28th + March 1st

Filecoin Foundation is gearing up for the exciting release of the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), and they are celebrating the launch at their EthDenver Hacker Base. There were lightning talks, hands-on workshops, presentations on FVM, and more.

On the first day we heard from several speakers from the Protocol Labs Network. One of the highlights was Aysun's presentation on NFT.Storage and Web3.Storage, and the work they are doing to make NFT storage a public good. Aysun also shared how they are integrating UCANs into their stack!

Aysun from NFT.Storage and Web3.Storage sharing how they are implementing UCANs!

Secure Design: Nailing UX Without Sacrificing Security

Feb 28 @ 9:40 AM - 9:55 AM @ FVM Hacker Base on Upper Larimer

When it comes to Web3, we all want to get UX right — but we can't compromise the fact it needs to be secure by design. This talk touched on Filecoin specifics, but was relevant to folks building secure interfaces of all stripes, on any chain. We identified where the biggest challenges lay, patterns from other ecosystems, unique capabilities of the FVM and the design and engineering opportunities ripest for the picking. And, as a bonus, we took a look at what's coming with IPVM (InterPlanetary Virtual Machine) and how it will effect your secure designs.

Ryan presenting his Secure Design talk at the Filecoin Virtual Machine Hacker Base

Ryan has made his Secure Design talk available via a FigJam. Furthermore, if you'd like to join the new Secure Design working group, send Ryan a DM on Twitter and he'll share the invite with you!

If Web3 is to Work: A BlueYard Conversation - March 2nd

Our friends at BlueYard are hosting a series of lightning talks and group discussions on what needs to change in Web3 in order for us to have long-term adoption. Speakers include Pooja Shah, Founder + CEO at Tephra Labs, Henri Stern, Founder + CEO at Privi, Kenny White, Founder + Chief Economist at Cowri Labs, Danny Zuckerman, Founder at 3Box Labs, and more to be announced. Register to join in on the conversation!

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