We're going to be spending Wednesday, July 17th over in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, and are hosting a tech meetup in the evening.

My friends Shawn @nerdburn & Gavin @geekforbrains, are the founders of Input Logic, a product studio based in Nanaimo. Previously, when I was running the Full Stack seed fund, we invested in their company. Now, they're revitalizing the Nanaimo tech scene by purchasing and relaunching the local coworking space as Input Coworkread more about their February 2019 launch in the Nanaimo News.

Distributed Working

Blair Reeves has a good article titled Don't work "remotely" that insists that we should be calling this distributed working.

But one largely overlooked obstacle to the adoption of “remote” working is the popular conception of how it actually works, the root of which has to do with all the quotation marks you’ve seen here so far. The term “remote” work itself implies tasks being done at arm’s length, and at some critical remove between object and subject. I’m here, and “the work” is over there, in other words. Like anywhere, this framing is critical. And it’s also mostly wrong. Don’t adopt “remote” working. Adopt distributed work.

At FISSION, we work as a distributed team. So, while Brooke and I are both physically based in Vancouver right now, it does mean we have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Last year, I hosted a coworking on Bowen Island day, where a group of us took a boat from Coal Harbour direct to Bowen Island, and worked out of the library and community centre, and took a boat back at the end of the day.

So, we're going to take a day trip to Nanaimo!

Vancouver to Nanaimo Coworking Day

Are you in Vancouver and want to do a one day coworking and meetup adventure over to Nanaimo and back?

We'll spend the day working out of Input Cowork, getting to know Nanaimo, and then attending the tech meetup in the evening.

Leave a comment below and we'll coordinate seaplane flights and ferry rides. We'll likely go over on a flight with Harbour Air around 8:30am, and then come back on a late ferry after the meetup and head home from Horseshoe Bay.

Input Cowork Nanaimo Tech Meetup

Are you in Nanaimo or elsewhere on Vancouver Island and want to join us for the meetup? Register for a free ticket here:

Register for the Meetup

Or go directly to the meetup registration page »

I'll be giving a short presentation on open source, Brooke will present IPFS 101 and a bit on what FISSION is building, and we're reaching out to a few other people to give talks. Plus lots of Q&A, discussion and getting to know the Nanaimo and surroundings tech community.

There's also going to be a members-only lunch time meetup for anyone that's an Input Cowork member.