We want to get our thoughts out of our head, but not have them trapped in some corporate SaaS silo. Gordon Brander and Chris Joel of Subconscious come on the Causal Islands Podcast to talk about how they are tackling this problem through the development of a new thoughtful protocol Noosphere — a global networked notes graph on IPFS — and its accompanying app Subconscious, a local-first “Tinder for Ideas.”

Gordon has worked on Google Chrome, Mozilla Servo, Firefox OS as well as metaverse projects at Google Daydream. Chris has worked on performance optimization at CloudFlare and web standards for Google Chrome.

EP05 Subconscious Building a Second Brain

In this episode Fission CEO Boris Mann talks with Gordon and Chris about how product development informs protocol development, and many other topics.

You'll also hear about:

  • interoperability and credible exit
  • how AI = Artificial Intuition
  • building for mobile first
  • multiplayer all by yourself
  • origins of user security
  • apps, thoughts, and pace layers
  • scripting your notes
  • using the Everywhere Computer with Noosphere

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Co-Host: Boris Mann - CEO and Co-Founder of Fission, Organizer of Causal Islands

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Editor: Chad Kohalyk

Guests: Gordon Brander and Chris Joel of Subconscious

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