I just completed awarding the top submissions to the Bounties Network that I ran. I asked for a bear & penguin having a chat. The bear was meant to represent the "Berlin Bear" from the city's coat of arms, and the penguin represents open source, specifically the infamous Tux, mascot of the Linux kernel.

Here are the top 4 submissions:

Submitted by Galactic Agency – top pick!
Submitted by Virutal
Submitted by Teddy
Submitted by HernanWave

Thanks to everyone that submitted – I'll be sending out some DAI to say thank you. I especially appreciated a lot of the mini-comics and clever writing.

I'll be working with Galactic Agency to finalize the top pick image.

Berlin Open Source Salon: BOSS!

I'm working on organizing an open source focused event in Berlin, alongside of Berlin Blockchain Week. Ideally this will serve as a bridge from crypto to the wider world of open source.

We're calling it the Berlin Open Source Salon: a half day conference exploring the changing nature of open source in 2019. Speakers, discussions, and ideally a little evening hacking and demos, depending on our venue details.

We'll announce more details next week as we finalize venue and get a website up. Stay tuned!