Fission is working with Jeremy Ruston, creator of TiddlyWiki, to build a TiddlyWiki on Fission app and make the Webnative SDK available as a plugin to save and load TW content across browsers.

We’ve been working out in the open in the TiddlyWiki group on the Fission forum for a couple of weeks, so now it’s time to welcome more people to join us.

The goal is to make it so that TiddlyWiki can easily run as an app on the Fission publishing platform. Individual users will be able to sign up and launch a new TiddlyWiki or upload their own. Then, they will have everything saved and portable automatically from any browser, including mobile, that's logged into their Fission account.

TiddlyWiki on Fission Flag Cat. Stay tuned for more images and stickers!

Fission’s webnative javascript libraries and app publishing platform are open source and built on open standards. We’re designing the system to be portable and easy-to-personalize for anyone--not just professional developers--so that they can launch a business around apps, themes, or other creative software experiments.

We want to work with TiddlyWiki creators who are making custom Editions. The TiddlyWiki launcher that we’re working on with Jeremy can include any community Editions that people want to include, and we’ll be opening up the Github repo shortly for that.

And if you’re a creator that wants to build a business around a TiddlyWiki Edition on Fission, with your own supported app that 100s or 1000s of users can launch with a click and have their own custom domain, we’d love to talk. Our upcoming App Cloning feature is designed for this, and we’ll showcase this ability in the community-supported TiddlyWiki on Fission app so that you can see how it works.

We’re totally inspired by the TiddlyWiki community, and want to see what else we can build together. We're on the TiddlyWiki Google Group, and please come by and chat with us in the forum or Fission's Discord chat if you have questions. If you're a developer, you can follow Fission's guide to set up your developer account and get started.

Please join us at tomorrow’s Fission February 2021 Demo Day if you’d like to find out more and talk live with Jeremy and the Fission team.

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