For developers, the Webnative SDK includes auth and data storage to build full edge apps using just your front end skills. You can use the CLI to publish, either directly from your desktop, or use  Github Publish Actions to auto-publish from your code.

For users, Fission-powered applications store data in your own file system. Developers only have access to the data you let them, and you can always inspect all the data that's stored, and re-use it between any apps.

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Fission Drive

Our Drive application is an example of a rich application that can be built with the Webnative SDK, and also functions as a file browser for your user file system. Drag and drop images, create simple HTML files using the built in browser, or keep your reaction GIFs organized.

All of the data is stored on IPFS. Your default view shows your private files, encrypted and available only to you. Browse to the public folder and instantly upload and publish to share with everyone. Link it on your phone – it works on mobile web.


Quotes is a simple, clean, and beautiful private store of quotes. After you've created a few, head back to Drive to check the private /Apps/icidasset/quotes folder to see the data files that power it, in your own file system.

TiddlyWiki on Fission

TiddlyWiki is an amazing serverless note taking tool – or "non-linear personal notebook" as it calls itself. Famous for end user customization and flexibility, use it to build your favourite Tools for Thought app, blog, personal CRM, or anything else.

The app on Fission saves to your private encrypted, or can be edited and saved directly in public. The File Upload Plugin even saves images directly to IPFS.

Webnative React TodoMVC

For developers, the TodoMVC lets you see how to use Fission's Webnative SDK for simple auth and data storage.