We build identity, data, and compute solutions for the future of the Internet.

Fission: We build identity, data, and compute protocols for the future of the Internet.

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We simplify the complex

Fission handles the technical details so you can bring your ideas to life.

Encryption, authorization, data management, orchestration..backend infrastructure can be messy and complicated. We won't let that hold you back from building impactful software that positively impacts your community.

We’re ecosystem obsessed

Fission supports the development of humane, local-first software through research, development, collaboration, and funding.

Improving underlying protocols and methods is necessary to ensure their scalability and ease of use in the future.

We deeply value open source

Fission’s tools are all open source. We love seeing our inventions power some of the most exciting applications out there. Capyloon, Noosphere, Functionland, Koii, and many others have integrated UCAN and/or WNFS into their infrastructures.

We also support open source projects as both a financial contributor and a fiscal host on Open Collective.

We learn and build in public

Fission hosts virtual community calls, sponsors DWeb Hacker Bases and events at conferences all over the world, and assembles great minds together at our own Future of Computing conference, Causal Islands.

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Artichoke Capital Lanebury Growth Capital
...and more supporters on Open Collective

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