Fission: We build identity, data, and compute protocols for the future of the Internet.


We build identity, data, and compute protocols for the future of the Internet.

Fission stack

The world deserves more humane software

You need better methods of building it.

Fission is a world-class applied research lab building those better methods, from the protocol up. Our team does the heavy lifting so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life.

We ship tech that is ready to be used today, and invent tech that will be ready tomorrow.

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Current projects

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Protocol Labs logo

Protocol Labs: making decentralized storage resilient

Protocol Labs pioneered decentralized storage with the introduction of IPFS. Our WebNative File System brings encrypted-at-rest storage and multi-player capabilities to the protocol. We collaborate with Protocol Labs and other key partners to enhance the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystem.

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UCANs: decentralized authorization

UCANs extend JWTs to enable distributed identity (DIDs) and authorization in local-first apps & distributed systems. Simple, passwordless authentication without browser plugins—like OAuth, but small, light and decentralized. They have been adopted by & Bluesky.

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Webnative SDK: a true local-first edge computing stack

The Webnative SDK empowers developers to build fully distributed web applications without needing a complex back-end. Webnative applications work offline and store data encrypted for the user by leveraging UCANs, IPFS and the power of the web platform.

Building Edge Apps with Webnative SDK Building Edge Apps with Webnative SDK

We're kicking the New Year off with the release of Webnative SDK version 0.35!

Vancouver DWeb Social Vancouver DWeb Social

We'll be discussing the Fediverse, dismantling the disinformation economy, and hanging out with our friends at Internet Archive Canada!

Projects We Love: Functionland Projects We Love: Functionland

Functionland is a decentralized cloud alternative that puts data back in users' hands with personal servers, and profits back in developers' hands through blockchain protocols.

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