Fission: Building protocols for the future of the internet

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Building protocols for the future of the Internet

Fission stack

Cloud native stacks won't deliver the future

We're building the identity, data & compute primitives that enable true local-first edge applications. But we don’t get to the future alone. Our edge computing stack is already embedded into leading protocols, platforms and products.

Current projects

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Protocol Labs: making decentralized storage resilient

Protocol Labs pioneered decentralized storage with the introduction of IPFS. Our WebNative File System brings encrypted-at-rest storage and multi-player capabilities to the protocol. We collaborate with Protocol Labs and other key partners to enhance the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystem.

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UCANs: decentralized authorization

UCANs extend JWTs to enable distributed identity (DIDs) and authorization in local-first apps & distributed systems. They make passwordless interop between apps trustless & simple—like OAuth but small, light and decentralized. They have been adopted by NFT.Storage & Bluesky.

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WebNative SDK: a true local-first edge computing stack

The WebNative SDK empowers developers to build fully distributed web applications without needing a complex back-end. WebNative applications work offline and store data encrypted for the user by leveraging UCANs, IPFS and the power of the web platform.

Projects We Love: Capyloon Projects We Love: Capyloon

Learn about Capyloon, a resurrected version of Firefox OS built on top of the decentralized web technologies like the IPFS protocol.

Marketing The Decentralized Web Marketing The Decentralized Web

Marketing the decentralized web poses unique challenges for marketers. Here are some strategies for building effective campaigns.

Introducing Webnative App Template Introducing Webnative App Template

Learn how to build edge apps efficiently and securely using Webnative App Template.

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