We did our first Decentralized Web "Lunch & Learn" video presentation this morning. Join us weekly on Thursdays for live chats, follow the upcoming speakers and topics list, or suggest your own topic you'd like to see covered.

We'll be hosting these calls on a weekly basis, and anyone is welcome to drop in. We'll schedule some "formal" presentations, other times it might just be demos, sharing some interesting apps we've seen, and so on. Kind of like an office based "Lunch & Learn", except there's no office, and it's only lunch time in the North American Eastern Time Zone!

Cryptography, Keys, and Auth, with Daniel Holmgren

This weeks call we had Daniel from our team cover a lot of different cryptography and authentication topics related to what we're building at Fission:

  • Cryptographic building blocks: hashes, symmetric keys, asymmetric keys, public/private keys
  • Types of crypto-systems, including RSA and ECC
  • Browser APIs, including WebCrypto, IndexedDB, and WebAuthN
  • Macaroons, a better version of cookies

Daniel also wrote up Everything you wanted to know about Elliptic Curve Cryptography as a full blog post, with definitions of all the various algorithms.

Here's the video of the live call:

You can find all the related links and resources in our forum.

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