We are presenting at Strange Loop this week, have a new teammate to introduce to you, and are announcing our new future of computing conference.

Strange Loop 2022

Meet us in St. Louis!

CTO Brooklyn Zelenka will be following up her previous talk at IPFS Thing with a more detailed presentation on Fission's Webnative File System.

Brooklyn will also present the "skip ratchet", a process she invented for WNFS that combines hierarchical hashing and skip lists to produce local-first key agreement. Brooke's paper on the skip ratchet is available if you'd like to read up on how it works prior to the event.

Welcome Zeeshan Lakhani to the Fission Team

Join us as we give a warm welcome to our newest Applied Research Engineer, Zeeshan Lakhani!

Zeeshan is a co-founder and co-organizer of Papers We Love, which had a recent write-up on Stack Overflow. The Papers We Love Conference PWLConf is in St. Louis taking place alongside Strange Loop. If you're in St. Louis, you can meet both Zeeshan and Brooklyn!

"In going to Fission, I’m excited to return to an applied research domain focused on distributed systems, edge and multi-tier computing, identity, and storage. Fission floored me because it’s a people-first company, and those people are wicked smart, compassionate, and extremely forward-thinking."

Zeeshan was formerly Director of Fraud and Strategic Research at BlockFi. His previous work includes driving programmable networks at Comcast and working on impactful distributed systems at Basho.

Zeeshan is currently a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science (ISR) studying Programming Language Theory under Frank Pfenning.

Follow Zeeshan on Twitter, explore his work on GitHub, and read his research publications on Google Scholar. As always, feel free to drop into the Fission Discord chat to say hi!

Announcing Causal Islands

We are thrilled to announce the Causal Islands conference, focused on the future of computing, supported by BlueYard!

Novel approaches to the Future of Computing—programming languages, networks, interfaces, and more—end up stranded on similar causal islands. They propagate within different industries, disciplines, and communities at uneven speeds.

Causal Islands invites you to bridge these islands and gather together in the same room. Explore, join, and learn more about the future of computing. Meet others from different problem and solution spaces, forge connections, and find collaborators.

Chad Fowler from BlueYard and Zeeshan Lakhani and Brooklyn Zelenka from Fission will form part of the initial programing committee.

Location and date are to come, but we encourage you to register your interest to stay notified, suggest topics, or get involved as a speaker or sponsor.