The Cambria project is an exploration of how to manage changing data formats and schemas in a decentralized piece of software. We had Geoffrey Litt and Peter van Hardenberg present the project, in which they were also joined by Orion Henry.

The project is funded and operated by Ink & Switch, whose work on Local First Software we often reference. Cambria was in part inspired by the challenges involved with synchronizing data with these local first apps.

The output of the project so far is an experimental Typescript library:

…for effectively managing schema change in distributed systems. It aims to allow developers to express relationships between schemas using bidirectional lenses, and to avoid mixing compatibility code into application logic.

Project Cambria: Schema evolution in distributed systems with edit lenses

Direct link to video

Thank you to Geoffrey and Peter for presenting! You can follow Geoffrey @geoffreylitt and Peter @pvh on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, we had a great set of attendees and captured some excellent quotes and comments along the way. The Twitter handles that were shared are available in the forum chat log.

Rumours about a sea shanty re-mix of some of Peter's phrases can neither be confirmed or denied.


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