On Tuesday, May 28th, the Seattle Ethereum Meetup invited us to present. The venue was the very cool Ada's Technical Books, in their Lab bar.

Thanks to Megan, Joshua and everyone that helped out with the meetup, and to Ada's and Gaudium Capital for sponsoring. The Seattle community is super welcoming and had great energy.

As well as talks, the evening featured burner wallets, and Megan did a great write up of the event and onboarding people using these wallets.

First up was Kurt Barry from MakerDAO with a stablecoin primer, focusing on DAI, and then Boris and Brooke presented. We're experimenting with using Notist for sharing our slide decks, and we've got brief overviews below.

Open Source & Growing Ethereum

Boris presented on some of the history and basis of open source, and went on to describe the Ethereum Stack, Istanbul roadmap, and how to get involved.

IPFS 101 & Introducing FISSION

Brooke gave an overview of how IPFS works, and described what we're building at FISSION.

If you're interested in being an alpha tester of FISSION's IPFS services, sign up on our Product Hunt page at tools.fission.codes, or follow all our stuff by subscribing.