Brooke is in Europe for the month of November, so we're pulling together three Decentralized Web meetups in different European cities. We've got events planned in Berlin, Antwerp, and Amsterdam. Sign up now to attend, get involved as a community partner, or volunteer to give a short presentation.

The goal with kicking off these Decentralized Web Meetups is obviously to spread the word about Fission and the tools and protocols we build on top of (like IPFS), but also to try and connect with local partners and communities. For each city, we want to find out more about local meetups and organizations that are interested in these topics, and see if we can cross pollinate them locally and globally.

We've done some research for each city, and want to continue cross pollinating interesting developer centric groups. Have a look at the research lists and suggest any that we're missing. And of course, register for the meetups!

Berlin, Nov 15th

Berlin is coming up next week already! We just confirmed with the Radicle team that they're going to collab with us and host at the Monadic office in Kreuzberg.

The Radicle will talk about their peer-to-peer code and issue collaboration, and Stefan will talk about the decentralized meetup tooling he and a team built at Diffusion. See the registration page for all details.

Here's our list of Berlin Tech Organizations and Meetups

As part of the Berlin Open Source Salon half day conference this past August, we had previously started a Github repo opensourcesalon/berlin. Will merge our research as a PR there.

Antwerp, Nov 20th

In Antwerp, we got a great recommendation and will be hosting a small gathering at Via Via. Steven Vandevelde, creator behind the decentralized Diffuse music player, will talk about his experiences in building Diffuse and integrating into different decentralized platforms. Get your ticket below or on the registration page.

We couldn't make the dates work to have Dries Buytaert join us, but we hope we do some more merging of the Fission and Drupal worlds with the shared mission of an open, decentralized web.

We still have room for one or two more speakers for Antwerp if you have a project you'd like to share or a demo to give.

Here's our list of Antwerp Tech Organizations and Meetups

Amsterdam, Nov 29th

Through the Outlier Ventures team, we were connected to a really great group of local community partners. We're going to be holding a larger meetup across decentralized web and blockchain topics at Startup Village in the Amsterdam Science Park, thanks to Blockchain Village, the amazing connector Berit Fuss of mistudio, and Blockchain Talent Lab their Blockchain NL community. You can grab a ticket right below, or visit the full registration page.

We're still finalizing the speaker list, with Aron van Ammers (CTO Outlier Ventures) and Ber Kessels (a long time Drupal contributor, will be telling us about OpenStreetMap on IPFS) confirmed so far.

And here's our list of Amsterdam Tech Organizations and Meetups.

Follow Brooke on Twitter at @expede, or drop into our Discord chat

Right now Brooke is in Malmö, Sweden, speaking at ØREDEV. She'll end her trip by speaking at Code Beam Lite. While Brooke is traveling in Europe, she is happy to meet with people one-on-one to talk about Fission, IPFS, Haskell, functional programming, or just to get a tip on where she can great coffee in your town. Email us and we'll connect you, or tweet at Brooke @expede directly.

P.S. November is a big month for meetups for Fission! We're also working with Carson Farmer from Textile to have a meetup in Victoria. If you're in Vancouver and want to carpool (or take the seaplane like we did to Nanaimo), leave a comment in the forum.

P.P.S. We couldn't handle any of this without support from Mariana, helping out with Operations and Event planning, and based in Berlin. Thank you!