​More Causal Islands Speakers Announced!

​We are just under two months away from Causal Islands: The Future of Computing Conference, and we recently announced several exciting speakers for the inaugural event. Dr. Cristina Cifuentes, VP Software Assurance at Oracle, will be speaking about application security, Shriram Krishnamurthi, VP for Programming Languages at Brown University, will be speaking about programming language education, and Jon Corbett, Computational Media Artist at SFU SIAT, will be speaking on Indigenous Computing Theory! View the full list of announced speakers (with more to come) on the Causal Islands website.


​Applied Researcher Quinn Wilton has been architecting RhizomeDB, a decentralized edge database. Check out her weekly notes where she shares her exciting progress, and watch the video below for the first demo!

​Events Recap

The Distributed Systems Reading Group met to discuss the paper Distributed Reset (1990, FSTTCS) by Arora and Gouda. The replay and transcript are available on the Fission Talk forum if you missed it.

We also held our monthly IPVM Community Call. The call was not recorded this time, but we'll have a more robust IPVM update for you very soon!

​New On The Blog

​Projects We Love: Koii

Learn about Koii's mission to build a better Internet through blockchain payments to network hosts and a scalable decentralized architecture, and discover how Koii is integrating Fission's tech into its stack.

Fission's at EthDenver!

​We're celebrating the FVM launch, bringing design-minded folks together with a talk and a meetup, and connecting with brilliant leaders in the Web3 and DWeb communities. Keep an eye on the blog as we update it with photos, videos, and talk recaps throughout the week.

Thank you, and we'll be back next month with more updates.

-Team Fission