• We launched a podcast! This Wednesday in the Causal Islands Discord, we caught up with Causal Islands 2023 speakers Quinn Wilton, Chia Amisola, and Michael R. Bernstein. We chatted about their experience at Causal Islands, the talks that inspired them, and what they're working on now. The recording is now available on our IPFS-hosted RSS feed, Spotify, Amazon Music Podcasts, and YouTube, with more in the works. Head to the Causal Islands Podcast landing page to subscribe today!
  • Next Thursday is the monthly UCAN Community Call. We hope UCAN join us to discuss decentralized auth!
  • Fission and Ink & Switch are co-hosting a Local-First Software Unconference in St. Louis, MO, on Saturday, September 23rd (following Strange Loop). There will be small group discussions, demos, and lightning talks. See you there!

​New On The Blog

Introduction to P2P Networks

Peer-to-peer networks are the foundation of the decentralized web. Today we dive into what P2P networks are, how they differ from the popular client-server model, and the advantages of decentralized file sharing in P2P networks.

EP01: Causal Islands 2023 Recap - Causal Islands Podcast

For our first episode, we invited several speakers from the 2023 conference to chat about their takeaways from the event and what they're working on now.

Thank you, and we'll be back next week with more exciting updates!

-The Fission Team