Over the weekend, I attended ETHNewYork, the first hackathon sponsored by the ETHGlobal team to be run in the greater NYC area. It was a successful event, with over 500 total attendees and 300 hackers.

Hackathons are always a great way to experience the breadth of the Ethereum developer community, while also meeting people new to the space. It's this mix of experiences makes each event unique, and definitely worth attending if you haven't gone before. If you're able, signups are available for the next events in Boston and Bangalore.

Given that IPFS is central to FISSION's first product, we wanted to highlight a few of the projects that built on it over the weekend. Here's a quick rundown of some of the projects that hacked on IPFS:


"A decentralized and censorship-resistant video streaming application that uses Ethereum and IPFS as its core technologies."

By Kian Molani

0xSU - Ethereum Short URLs

"0xsu.co allows you to permanently save a shortened URL on the ethereum blockchain."

By Jonathan Biro and Auston Bunsen


"A censorship resistant website hosted on Arweave that fetches IPFS file metadata from Ethereum and IPFS, enabling users to find and download important files."

By Moody Salem, William O' Bierne, Henry Nguyen, and Sharon Manrique

It's always great to see people using IPFS to store their project data in a decentralised way. Watch this blog for more info on the projects in the coming weeks.

Do you have an IPFS-powered app? We'd love to interview you!

Top image credit to Adam Wozney on twitter