The September 2021 of Fission's Demo Day featured a demonstration of our Microsoft ION DID interop, as well as our UCAN Checker app.

Fission Demo Day September 2021

DID Interop with Microsoft ION

Back in May 2021, we announced joining the Decentralized Identity Foundation. We've continued to look for opportunities to participate in the spec process, but we also have a strong focus on learning through shipping.

We decided to focus our efforts on demonstrating some Decentralized Identifiers (DID) interop with the Microsoft ION DID system.

The great promise of DIDs is that a user can present an identifier in a very portable way, and have that work between systems. By showcasing this very rough interop, we can see that an identifier issued by another system, can create and own resources within the Fission stack.

As well as the live demo in the video, there is a full write up in our community forum about the process, plus some mini screen casts. Thanks to BGins & JeffG from the Fission team, and to Daniel Buchner from Microsoft.

UCAN Adoption

The GoLang UCAN mascot. Yes, if you make a new implementation of UCAN, we will make you a custom mascot!

Our UCAN decentralized auth spec is getting a lot of recent interest.

You can read more about UCAN in two previous blog posts:

We have the ucan implementation in GoLang done by the Qri team, which is now being looked at by the Protocol Labs Estuary team.

The Twitter Bluesky decentralized social media project is paying for some work on exploring the UCAN spec as a building block. That has lead to breaking out the TypeScript implementation of UCAN into a stand alone repo. We're super pleased to be collaborating with Daniel Holmgren on this. Daniel was the first hire at Fission, worked on early versions of lots of this code, and is back doing some hacking on a consulting basis for teams like Bluesky.

Thanks as well to @nicoth, who joined us on the call, has been asking great questions in the Discord chat, and has been hacking on Fission DID / UCAN stuff. His Fission DID repo on Github has a great quote:

DID is who you are. UCAN is what you can do.

A full list of articles and UCAN resources are kept on the community forum »

UCAN Check

UCAN Check Screenshot, with example UCAN loaded

As part of doing more work with UCANs and more people working on them, BGins from the Fission team put together UCAN Check, a validator and explorer.

WNFS and other open specs

Beyond UCANs, the Qri team is collaborating with us on evolving the WNFS spec, and leading the WNFS GoLang implementation. This is looking towards provided encrypted, private data on IPFS, and potentially built into Filecoin as well.

With all the interest from outside Fission, we're also looking at moving a lot of the base specs into a separate Github org. If you're interested in collaborating on this, get in touch!

As always, sign up to join us for future events as well as browsing the list below, or drop by our Discord chat to ask questions or just hang out and talk dev tools, decentralized web, and edge apps.

And, coming up at the beginning of November 2021, check out CascadiaJS »