The March 2021 edition of Fission's monthly Demo Day covered updates and demos from Fission, an overview of how we use IPFS, and demos from TiddlyWiki and IndyWiki.

How does Fission use IPFS?

We covered a brief intro to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) as part of our demo day. We had a lot of interest in our recent presentation to the IPFS Local Offline Collab group, and so decided to talk a bit more about how we use IPFS and why it's important to us.

Every Fission user account has a custom domain at For files that are stored in a user's public folder, they can access them using a consistent link using their own subdomain.

Brian from our team gave a demo and explanation of the different types of links that are available, as well as a small piece of example code showing how this works.

Visit the benevolent-senior-pink-yeti to get all the links to sample code and to experiment with the live demo yourself.

Linking Fission Accounts on Desktop

People can link accounts between browsers and devices today. Developers use the command line interface (CLI) use developer-only accounts that can't currently link to the web. Our CTO Brooklyn gave a preview of how CLI linking will work.

When this is released, it also opens the door for desktop-based file syncing and many other features, so we're excited to have this close to release.

Community Demos

Below is the full video for March 2021 Demo Day. Unfortunately, because we had an accident with recording, we managed to not capture a big chunk of the middle of the demos. In particular, Jeremy's TiddlyWiki static file publishing demo!

Join us this week, Wednesday, March 24th, for a TiddlyWiki Community Chat, where we'll showcase current features and progress of TiddlyWiki on Fission.

Gyuri, who can follow online as @TrailMarks on Twitter, gave us a brief demo and overview of IndyWiki.

The full slide deck is available here as a PDF »

Thanks to everyone for coming, including brief reports from Neil and Jim on what they're working on at the moment!

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