This was the first of our third-Thursday-of-the-month "Demo Days" that we'll be holding from now on. The Fission team takes this time to talk about new releases & product updates, early demos of in-progress work, planned roadmap items and open Q&A. We also invite the community to come and give app demos.

Meet the Team

We were joined by three new people this month. Philipp in πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Germany, Brian in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Oregon, United States, and Helder in πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazil.

Philipp is working on the Account Dashboard, on both the Elm app and additional features in the Fission Haskell server.

Brian is working on the Filecoin Grant Project, and will be building the Backup App in Svelte.

Helder is working on a proof-of-concept around Headless Ghost, and will be moving on to assist with implementation of Fission's new home page, which will be using our current Ghost blog that you're reading this on.

Fission Product Updates & Demos

  • Account Dashboard by @matheus23: this is the account dashboard for Fission platform services. Everyone will manage their account basics there, but also security around device linking management, account recovery setup, and more. Developers will manage the apps that they publish on the platform. Built in Elm as all of our 1st party apps are, you can find it on github:
  • App Generator by @bgins: a tool to help you create manifest files and other settings for Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Built in Elm, find it on github:
  • Fission Github Publish Action by @walkah: For git-based-workflows and teams, add this to your code repo on Github to automatically publish to Fission. Consider it in alpha (we haven't made an official release yet), James will be writing more about it, but it is live and works today on github:

Roadmap Items

  • CLI Linking: coming soon, developer account linking on your desktop.
  • Account Recovery: we're working on an account recovery flow. With password-less logins tied to your devices and encryption, we need to design it in such a way that Fission can help you recover your private files, without having access to those files ourselves. We'll be sharing blog posts, flows, and security & cryptography considerations as we roll this out.
  • Customized Login: Make a custom branded sign-in experience without having to write your own login code. Include design, logo, and custom text as part of the authorization lobby. This will likely be our first premium paid developer feature.
  • Headless Ghost: this blog runs on Ghost. We're planning on re-doing the home page and integrating in the blog more directly in a "Headless" style. We'll be sharing open source code starter kits so anyone can build this.
  • Headless WordPress: many of the server-focused systems like Ghost and WordPress are seeing interest in "headless" mode: keep the editing interface, but have a static, serverless front end. We've got a mini project with a live customer, and we'll be using that as a test case and document and share how anyone can do this.

Community Demo

Rosano, who joined us for a great discussion back on January 14th, came back to do a demo and walk through of his HyperDraft notes app.


Join us next time

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