We meet on the third-Thursday-of-the-month for "Demo Days" where the Fission team talks about new releases & product updates, early demos of in-progress work, planned roadmap items followed by an open Q&A. We also invite the community to come and give app demos. This week we invited Jeremy Rustin of the TiddlyWiki project to talk about his product and our plans to integrate Fission’s Webnative SDK with TiddlyWiki.

Meet the Team

Our distributed team continues to grow with team members spanning from our HQ in Vancouver across three continents. Our newest addition is Courtney in 🇺🇸 North Carolina, United States.

Courtney (@Courtney) joins us as our Marketing Lead. This was her first week with Fission and her first demo day. Look for more blog posts and email updates from Courtney about what's going on with Fission.

Fission and Headless Ghost

Fission teammate Helder (@agentofuser) shared his work with Headless Ghost and Fission. He showed us how to use the Ghost CMS as a familiar editing interface for content producers and then pulling the content into a Next.JS website via API. Then, the content is compiled into a static website using React and deployed to the Fission platform. Check out the video to hear the details of this process.

Filecoin Backup App

Next, we heard from Ben (@benjaminbollen) and Brian (@bgins) about their work with Filecoin. Filecoin is a blockchain specifically used for storing files online without relying on a third-party platform or company. Because Fission is also interested in working in browsers very securely, we decided to work with the Filecoin team on this project. Hear from Ben and Brian about their progress in the Fission Demo Day video.

IPFS Cluster Updates

Daniel (@dholms) talked to us about his updates to the IPFS Cluster. Fission is built on an Interplanetary File System (or IPFS) which is a global peer-to-peer network. Fission builds encryption on top of the IPFS stack, running IPFS servers to make sure that your data stays online and accessible directly from the browser, all with your security in mind. Daniel shares with us some recent backend infrastructure work he's doing to improve our system performance.

Tiddlywiki and Fission

Jeremy Rustin (@jermolene) is the creator of Tiddlywiki, a serverless web app that allows users to create a non-linear notebook for recording, organizing and sharing complex information. We're collaborating to build an app that will allow users to use TiddlyWiki on the Fission platform. You can hear from Jeremy directly in the Demo Day video. We’ve also been working out in the open in the TiddlyWiki group on the Fission forum so hop over there to see what's going on.


Join us next time

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