We invited everyone to join us for a Demo Day to learn about the company, meet the Fission team, and share everything we've built in the past year. We shared our technical building blocks and the roadmap that we have planned. We ended with demos of apps built on our platform so far.

Fission: Fast App Publishing Platform

Fission is building an app publishing platform that supports developers in building great apps, connecting to users, and getting app makers paid.

Rather than "just" being next-gen cloud infrastructure and technology that powers great apps, we're saying that the Fission platform will help developers reach their ultimate goal of building an app: having app users, and having those users support the app.

In short:

🚢 Ship Apps, 🗣 Talk to Users, 💵 Make Money

Is that too bold or blunt? We are a platform that supports developers, and ensuring that digital makers are successful means that more great software can get built.

Here are some of the further themes, movements, and beliefs we're thinking about:

Open Collective

Fission is now a Fiscal Host on Open Collective. We are doing this in order to work closely with open source developers that want to work together with their users to build and maintain apps sustainably over time.

We are also placing our own open source software on Open Collective, starting with Fission Drive.

Try Fission Drive »

The Drive+ membership tier is an annual support tier that supports building out Drive and the associated Fission account. Backers get special badges on our Discord chat and Discourse forums, will have members-only access to communication channels, including voting on features and other opportunities. Drive+ members will also get a one year Fission Premium account when we launch support for it.

If you like what we're doing, and want to support more of it, sign up for Drive+ »

Thank you so much to Gyuri, Helder, Brian, and the Omo Earth team for being backers on the very first day. We appreciate your early support in this!

Full Demo Day Video

The full 2 hour video is split into chapters so you can jump to different sections. We'll be sharing smaller portions of the video after a little bit of editing.

Slides are available on Notist »

Open Source Collaboration

We are very proud of all the technical building blocks we've shipped so far, and have had some early discussions with other teams about adopting some of the protocols we've defined. During Demo Day, it was fantastic to hear that a lot of you want to get more involved!

We've scheduled a community kick off meeting to work on the WNFS Database layer for January 7th, 2021. Full details on the forum, please RSVP »

Thank you to everyone that joined us. It was great to see you and we really appreciate your interest and the excitement you showed. The team has put a lot of work into what we've shipped so far, and we can't wait to see what you build with Fission.

We shared and announced a lot during this one event, so we'll be posting more from the event over the next week. We wish everyone a restful time as we head into the winter holidays, and look forward to more in 2021!