I'll be repping FISSION & volunteering at ETHNewYork, the first ETHGlobal sponsored hackathon hosted in New York City. The event runs from May 17th - 19th, and applications are still open for another few days. Feel free to apply here.

Past Ethereum Hackathons I've attended (ETHBerlin, ETHDenver) have all been great opportunities to learn about what people in the space are passionate about. I'll be there volunteering for the event and hopefully meeting some of the NYC developer community - NYC will be my homebase for the summer.

To build off the theme of my last Web3 post:

As a developer or user, what kind of decentralized web app are you interested in building or using?

Please reach out and we'll add it to our "Decentralised App Wishlist" that we'll be publishing soon. We've got a survey running on Product Hunt that asks questions around this >> participate here.

Come find me to say hi during the week and definitely get some awesome stickers!

stickers on stickers on stickers!