Discord is increasingly being used by a number of developer communities. New community server and announce channels are an opportunity for us to share interesting developer content.

Fission has already upgraded to being a Community Server. This means we get a Welcome screen with recommended channels, along with a few other features.

Here's Fission's Welcome screen:

Screenshot from the edit mode of Fission's Discord Welcome Screen

You can check out the Fission emoji filled server here »

By the way, on the general topic of tools for developer communities, the Orbit team wrote about Slack vs Discord vs Discourse back in May. Fission uses Discord (obviously), but specifically we also use it for our private internal company discussions. And we have a Discourse forum that we use the same way, for both public community and internal communications.

Announcement Channels

But the new thing for inter-connecting people are Announcement Channels: you can post updates in your server to a special channel, which other people can "follow" so that the content automatically posts into their server channels.

Here's what the Fission announcements channel looks like, with a "follow" button at the top:

Here's the link to our #fission-announce channel

We've been posting about once per week, around new content, new releases, and upcoming events.

On the "follower" side, you can have the posts by published into a channel of your choosing. This could be a single "subscriptions" channel, or a dedicated #fission-is-cool channel, and it can be public or members only. You can also read the background on how to follow channels (you'll need to be an admin on a server for this).

Share your announce channels: awesome-discord-announce

We've created the beginnings of an awesome-list on Github, awesome-discord-announce.

If you have a Discord server with an announce channel that covers technical topics – add it to the list!

And, as a thank you to Sindre Sorhus, creator of the original Awesome list, Fission has signed up to support him on Patreon. Support all the digital makers and open source contributors!