We're just two months away from our inaugural Future of Computing conference, and we can't wait to welcome you (in-person or virtually) to Toronto.

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Last week we unveiled our first set of Causal Islands speakers! 🎉

We couldn't be more excited to welcome these talented individuals to Toronto.

Jenn Schiffer (@jenn) is the Director of Community at Fastly. She is a web developer, writer, and artist, and her main focus is supporting, growing, and advocating for a community of coders at Glitch.

Maggie Appleton (@Mappletons) sits at the intersection of design, anthropology, and programming. She currently leads design at Ought where they’re exploring how machine learning can help researchers with open-ended reasoning.

Gordon Brander (@gordonbrander) and Chris Joel (@0xcda7a) are CEO and CTO of Subconscious Inc. Gordon has worked on Google Chrome, Mozilla Servo, Firefox OS, and metaverse projects at Google Daydream, and Chris has worked on performance optimization at CloudFlare and web standards for Google Chrome.

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Call for Sponsors

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Toronto Tips

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

There is so much to see and do in the 3rd largest tech hub in North America. Toronto is a multicultural city bursting with energy and creativity. If you're a foodie hoping to discover Toronto's hidden gems, why not check out the St. Lawrence Market? They have hundreds of speciality food vendors in their three-building complex.

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