We're building a Heroku add-on that makes it easy to integrate InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) into apps you host there.

Heroku doesn't have a permanent file system, so anyone hosting there already has to figure out how / where to store files, so we think it's a good place to start.

We're looking for alpha testers to try out our add-on. The types of people we're looking for fall roughly into three categories:

  1. You are a maintainer / contributor for an existing open source app and are interested in adding IPFS support for it (and getting it running on Heroku if it doesn't already)
  2. You are a developer looking to experiment with IPFS and build a small open source test app on Heroku.
  3. You are less technical/not a developer but can follow instructions on copy/pasting a basic open source app and like trying out new things

Head on over to our Product Hunt Upcoming page at tools.fission.codes to signup to be an alpha user »

Deploy to Heroku

For (3), the "Deploy to Heroku" button makes this pretty easy. There are a ton of apps that support this way of hosting your own app:

Visit the Heroku Marketplace to browse the whole list https://elements.heroku.com/buttons

We're slowly making a list of existing open source apps that use IPFS and seeing if they'll run on Heroku, as well as dreaming up some sample apps of our own.

Decentralized App Wishlist

We're also going to be looking for early adopter end users who are interested in trying out IPFS powered apps.

We'll be writing more about taking your files with you in the future, and in the mean time will keep pointing people at Ink & Switch's excellent article on Local-first software. We're not quite as set on the local part, but do think that IPFS is one of the ways we can help users keep their files accessible.

Do you have some ideas of apps you'd like to see? Please fill out our Decentralized Apps Wishlist survey »