James Long @jlongster presented at Fission's weekly video tech talks on March 11th, 2021. He is the creator of Actual Budget, a "personal finance app for nerds". Actual Budget is a local first app with a unique approach to using SQLite and CRDTs for syncing across web, mobile and desktop apps. James described why and how he built and how it has evolved to its present form.

Actual is a super fast privacy-focused app for managing your finances. You own your data, and we will sync it across all devices with optional end-to-end encryption.

The Porting a 100% local app to the web on the Actual blog is also an excellent read.


The slides are available as a PDF »

Thanks to James for presenting! His pioneering work is the kind of stack that we are aiming to provide to all app developers, and it was great to hear from James about how and why he integrated the features and components that he did.

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